January 9, 2023

2023 Shea Promotions

We’re proud to recognize six members of the Shea team with 2023 promotions.

“I started Shea 45 years ago, and time has flown by because of employees like these. They help us innovate, grow and be better and more creative every day.  I’m proud to be working with a group that believes in relationships, teamwork and excellence in everything they do, and I’m excited about Shea’s future.”
David Shea, Owner & Creative Principal

“Becoming a Senior Designer at Shea is measured by a designer’s ability, not years of experience. Each of these designers has gone above and beyond in all facets of the design process, demonstrating innovation and attention to detail, while building strong collaborative relationships with fellow team members and clients.”

Heather Sorensen & Cori Kuechenmeister, Directors of Design

Congratulations on your well-deserved achievements.

Mara Westerhaus, Senior Designer

Jessica Braun, Senior Designer

Josh Franklin, Senior Designer

Jordan Brookens, Project Manager

Kate Laszewski, Project Manager

Nick Windschitl, Project Manager

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