January 6, 2023

Curated by Shea: January

At Shea, we pride ourselves on staying on top of what’s happening in design and industry news so that you don’t have to — and we pull what’s smartest and most forward-thinking together to save you the time of sifting through it all. It helps us keep tabs on what’s fresh, inspiring, and happening in the world — and we make a few headlines of our own, too.

60 South Sixth: Elevating through Change

We highlight the evolution of prominent Minneapolis office tower, 60 South Sixth, over our 10-year partnership and share how the building’s owners/management team leveraged change as an opportunity to elevate their space and their business.

The transition into a new year always brings a lot of news on restaurants; from openings and closings to year-end observations and reviews:

How Restaurants Changed in 2022

Ghost kitchens, closing times and tipping: Stephanie March of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine notes the restaurant industry changes she observed in the Twin Cities.

801 Fish is Expanding to Minneapolis

801 Chophouse Expands to the East Coast

801 Restaurant Group isn’t slowing down. Business Journal covers their expansions in Minneapolis and to the East Coast. Shea will continue to partner with the restaurant group on both upcoming 801 Fish and 801 Chophouse designs.

Restaurant Reader Mailbag: Trends That Will Define the Year Ahead

QSR Magazine rounded up the data on 2022 consumer trends and collected readers’ predicted trends of 2023. A few predicted trends include investing in people to improve labor constraints, an increase in embracing technology and a focus on creating quality experiences.

With the end of 2022 came the season of Awards and what felt like 2,022 “Best of” lists. Congratulations to all our partners who have been recognized:

Eater’s National List of Best New Restaurants

  •  Khâluna

Twin Cities Eater Awards

  • Most Transportive Design: Khâluna
  • Best Distillery Transformation: Earl Giles

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s MSP 50

  • Billy After Dark (Billy Sushi), Centro, Demi, Farmers Kitchen and Bar, The Grocer’s Table, Khâluna, Meritage, Petite León, Sidebar at Surdyk’s, & Smack Shack

Minnesota Monthly’s Best New Restaurants

  • Best Transformation of a Restaurant: Khâluna
  • Best Suburban Restaurant in Hennepin County: Macanda

Artful Living’s Best New Restaurants

  • Centro Nicollet
  • Macanda

Minnesota Shopping Center Association STARR Awards

  • Interior Design – Full Service Restaurant: Khâluna
  • Interior Design – Fast Casual Restaurant: Yum! Kitchen & Bakery

Type Tuesday Presents the Class of 2022: The Most Interesting Fonts of the Year

Had enough of the “best-of” restaurant lists? Try a font list instead! Fonts are important to us in the design world, they connect users to a brand from a basic level of recognition to eliciting an emotional response. PRINT Magazine brings us the most interesting ones of 2022.

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