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We’re creatives, and we’re businesspeople. We’re thought leaders and innovators. We’re imaginers and doers. We dream without losing sight of good sense. We’re experienced but always seeking what’s new and next. Our long-term relationships and partnerships mean everything. We’re the hardest-working team in the business, but never forget to bring a sense of fun to it all. We’re all of this and more, and that’s what makes our more than fifty person team special.

Shea's Associates

Meet some of Shea’s team

Jordan Brookens

Project Coordinator, Associate

“Thinking about and being surrounded by design (it’s everywhere!) brings me increasing joy year after year.”

Jennifer Sorenson

Senior Architectural Technician

“What keeps me passionate about design is keeping up with the latest technology—I love providing clients with that wow factor during the design phase.”

Adam Demers

Senior Designer

“Being a designer means being in a constant state of discovery.”

Mara Westerhaus

Interior Designer, Associate

“Shea creates a foundation for collaboration, and encourages all of us to explore and use that inspiration to execute our creativity daily.”

Breana Detzler

Senior Architect, Senior Associate

“I love the relationships we build at Shea, whether it’s with our clients, consultants, or within our teams.”

Ryan Pellika

Architectural Technician

“Working on hospitality projects is such a treat. It’s great being able to see people enjoying your work in an unforgettable space.”

Katie Lichtenheld

Senior Interior Designer

“Using what a space has going for it and making is better for current users—finding those ‘good bones’ and making them shine—is my favorite kind of project.”

Heidi Kunes

Production Manager

“Custom pieces make any project so special, whether it’s wallcovering, furniture, art, or signage.”

Kim Aune

Senior Vice President, Principal

“I love helping clients achieve positive business results! We have the pleasure of designing spaces that bring to life our client’s vision and allow them to achieve goals that drive long term success.”

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