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Our work makes headlines. Hear from local and national sources about Shea’s work.

“Khaluna magically transports you to the toniest beachside resorts in Southeast Asia, the types where everything looks saturated and enchantingly primed for Instagram everywhere you turn.”

“Those who choose to transform an historic resource into a gathering place for community are worthy of recognition. In this case, the entire originality of the building [Edina Town Hall Station] was kept with a nod to the building’s past.”

“I’d been hearing for years about Yum — the bakery, which has two west metro locations — has a cult following, especially for its decadent chocolate cake. The bright, airy, open space is in the new multi-use building that took the place of O’Gara’s on Snelling and Selby avenues in St. Paul.”

“Admire the glow, the sand-white luminous glow. Settle beneath one of the enormous wooden saucers emitting that warm light, the ones that sparkle into your imagination and quickly give you the feeling you’re sitting within a cabana of beach palms.”

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