May 10, 2019

Shea Links: May

At Shea, we pride ourselves on staying on top of what’s happening in design news. It helps us keep tabs on what’s fresh, inspiring, and happening in the world—and we make a few headlines of our own, too. Here are some recent articles delving into design, experience, and what’s buzzing in our community:
“Today’s Offices are Taking Cues from Hotels—and Homes” – Curbed:
The influx of “socially activated building” or “amenitizing” in every part of office complexes to attract top tenants, remain competitive, and retain current renters
“Designing the Restaurant of the Future” – Nation’s Restaurant News:
A look at what the influx of technology and proliferation of takeout could mean for the physical design of restaurants
“Shea-designed Centro and Popol Vuh are Two-for-One in Restaurant Hospitality” – Shea:
A discussion of the economics and design of dual-concept restaurants, using Shea-designed Centro and Popol Vuh as an example
“The Office Restroom, No Longer a Dingy Afterthought, Finally Gets Its Makeover” – Wall Street Journal:
A look at the office restroom as the “final frontier of the workplace makeover,” and how creative, high-end spaces are taking over
“Instagrammable Moments in Retail Were On Trend Even Before Instagram Was Born” – Bisnow:
A critical look at the trend of adding “Instagrammable” elements—the work it takes, how to make them fit in with the design, and the benefits—but also how design elements have themselves become Instagrammable by the recent proliferation of the app
“Shea Principal Tanya Spaulding Gives the Scoop on Signage in Franchise Times” – Shea:
A piece in this month’s issue of Franchise Times discussing the importance of exterior branding and signage
“The New Mall Tenant is Your Office” – New York Times:
How malls are filling retail space, as stores continue to close, with corporate and coworking offices to attract visibility and foot traffic
“The Food-and-Beverage Industry is Internet-Proof” – ICSC:
JLL’s annual report on the state of the food industry, including insights on delivery and how traditionally non-food venues are becoming hubs for innovative restaurants
“Five Major Takeaways from the 2019 James Beard Awards” – Eater:
What to learn from this year’s Beard Awards, including takes on West Coast fine dining, pizza, sushi, and more
“Keeping an Open Mind: How Shea Tackles the Open-Office Debate” – Shea:
The latest How We Create post, featuring several Shea-designed office projects, discussing the need to tailor a type of office to its company and its work