Schmitt Music

The Partners

Schmitt Music

The Spot

A former industrial office building

The Work

Design a new, unique flagship location for Schmitt Music and refresh the logo and branding for the 125-year-old company

The Scene

Upon entering, a large treble clef flooring detail — representative of the new logo — grabs your attention and guides your eyes as it wraps into the welcoming front desk. A vast display of keyboards and pianos fill the open showroom, and sleek store-front exteriors invite you into the individual instrument galleries along the perimeter. The galleries each have their own unique design and allow for retail, repair, and specialists for the instruments to be housed under one roof, raising the bar for music retailers. The new location also houses a 100-seat concert hall, practice rooms and lounge areas.


  • Large treble clef flooring detail
  • Bold, custom displays
  • Sleek gallery exteriors
  • Updated logo and branding

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