Earl Giles Distillery

The Partners

Jesse Held and Jeff Erkkila

The Spot

A 16,000 sq. ft. industrial building

The Work

Transform a vast, open space into a unique distillery experience with a restaurant, bar, production area and apothecary

The Scene

The main floor of Earl Giles is filled with cozy seating sections, an eye-catching 60-foot long bar, and — probably the first thing guests will notice — plants. Over 400 plants fill the distillery with the majority displayed on moveable, custom welded metal stacks. Up in the mezzanine, a private bar with a gorgeous display of glassware anchors the space and a poker table in the corner creates the perfect atmosphere for hosting events. Large windows to the left of the bar peer into the apothecary, a unique room with custom shelving and industrial tables that provide plenty of space for whipping up elixirs.


  • Movable towers of 400+ plants
  • Varied seating, including custom-built floating tables
  • A statement 60-foot-long bar
  • Private, upper mezzanine area
  • Unique apothecary room for crafting elixirs

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