March 15, 2024

New Shea-designed restaurant, Boketto, coming to St. Louis Park

Our longtime partners at Kaskaid Hospitality are bringing Boketto — a Japanese word with meaning similar to day dreaming — to St. Louis Park’s West End. The restaurant, a Japanese-inspired steakhouse, is a new concept for the team and will feature a selection of dishes ranging from Japanese Wagyu steak to fried rice, dumplings and sushi.

The space will feel sophisticated and vibrant with a mood that transforms throughout the day as the restaurants transitions from power lunches to an elevated dining scene. Shea and Kaskaid Hospitality have had a longtime partnership, designing many restaurants and concepts including the popular Crave American Kitchen & Sushi Bar. We’re proud to be again be partnering with the team on Boketto.

Kam Talebi of Kaskaid Hospitality told the Business Journal they hope to open Boketto in June.

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