December 6, 2023

Chef Mario Pagán opens Shea-designed restaurant, Chayote, in Winter Park

We’re honored to have partnered with Chef Mario Pagán and David Tyson on their restaurant, Chayote Barrio Kitchen, now open at Winter Park Village in Winter Park, FL. The new restaurant features a menu of “Latin-forward” dishes, blending Latin flavors with French-based cooking and other varied flavors and techniques. A mix of bold patterns, gorgeous tiles and high-end finishes make up Chayote’s unique design.

Orlando Weekly shares, “Pagan’s symbiosis of elements from the New World appears to be attracting food-curious Winter Parkers to Chayote. And that symbiosis isn’t just confined to the food and drink, either. The restaurant’s interior is a seemingly disparate hodgepodge of bold contemporary and tropical patterns and finishes, but Chayote ugly it’s not. The stylistic fusion comes together to form a cohesive, striking design, and the revivification of Winter Park Village is all the better for it.”

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