January 5, 2024

2024 Shea Promotions

We’re pleased to announce the promotions of four incredibly deserving members of the Shea team. Congratulations!

“Jessica has consistently demonstrated Shea’s values and her abilities as a leader on our team. Her dedication to our clients and to her teammates and work is commendable, as is her commitment to continued learning and growth. We’re proud to name Jessica an Associate at Shea and recognize her with this well-earned achievement.”

– Kim Aune & Jason Dvorak, Shea Principals

“Brooke, Marissa and Kaia have grown so much over the last couple of years and have all become designers that their teammates and clients can truly trust. They’re great team-plays, always willing to help and each have the strong ability to tackle projects and find design solutions from conceptualization to implementation. Their eagerness to learn in programs, products and design, paired with their attention to the ever important details along the way, make them incredibly important members of the Shea team.”

– Heather Sorensen & Cori Kuechenmeister, Directors of Design

Jessica Braun, Sr. Designer & Associate

Marissa Nelson, Designer

Brooke Ericksen, Designer

Kaia Van Patten, Designer

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