Shea partners with Minneapolis restaurants to push city for public safety

The perception and reality of crime in downtown Minneapolis is growing, and it’s deeply affecting small businesses already feeling the strain of an economic downturn. Shea has joined more than 40 other small businesses to form the the Downtown Restaurant Group, an alliance devoted to public safety in the city’s heart to make employees and patrons comfortable in the downtown and North Loop areas again.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reported on the letter sent to Mayor Frey and the Minneapolis City Council requesting acknowledgment and answers, and the group is just getting going. Read the full story here.

Shea Principal Tanya Spaulding spoke on behalf of the group on WCCO.

Spaulding was also featured on KARE 11 detailing the problems, and the full letter is published on the news outlet’s site as well.

MSP magazine gives a take.

Foodservice News, an organizer of the group, publishes the letter in full.

The KQRS Morning Show covered the group’s mission (begin at the 2:50 mark).

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R J Nelson
R J Nelson

I was so appreciative of the WCCO news story tonight 9/30 that dealt with the group of resturants sending a letter to the Mayor and City Council regarding the declining downtown, I had sent a letter a week ago to my city council member Lisa Goodman regarding that very issue and stressed with her the need to “make news’ about what they are doing to bring back people to downtown I think your group and others are a great resource for helping and finding creative ways to change perception of downtown and I hope you continue to work on this… Read more »