March 2, 2018

Shea Links: March

At Shea, we pride ourselves on staying on top of what’s happening in design news. It helps us keep tabs on what’s fresh, inspiring, and happening in the world—and we make a few headlines of our own, too. Here are some recent articles delving into design, experience, and what’s buzzing in our community:
“Riverland Bank Brings Cool Office-Worthy Design to its Twin Cities Branch” – Shea:
Details and photos of the new Riverland Bank office in Minneapolis from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal piece naming it one of the Twin Cities’ “Cool Offices”
 “2018 Workplace Trend Predictions” – Work Design:
Work Design predicts workplace trends for the year, including a focus on health, community, and flexibility
“5 Tips for Remodeling Your Restaurant” – FSR:
Specific case studies of full restaurant renovations (and, in some cases, rebranding), and what the restaurant proprietors learned throughout the process
“9 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Way We Eat” – Washington Post:
How millennials want to eat today (including emphases on transparency, ease, and health), and how it dictates the food industry
“The 2018 James Beard Award Semi-Finalists” – James Beard Foundation:
A full listing of the semi-finalists for the James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards
“100 Washington Square Recognized as Outstanding Building of the Year” – Shea:
Shea-designed 100 Washington Square won the local BOMA award in the Renovated Building category, and will be going on to compete regionally
“What to Do When Laptops and Silence Take Over Your Café?” – New York Times:
A piece detailing the choice small-business owners have to make regarding remote workers: force them to relocate in favor of a lively atmosphere and table turnover, or embrace them in hopes of eventual returns
“Multi-Sensory Resimercial Design Combines the Best of Both Worlds” – Work Design:
The concept of “comfort at the office,” and how it’s becoming imperative to workplace design to bring residential comforts and finishes into the mix
“How Craft Breweries are Helping to Revive Local Economies” – New York Times:
A look at the impact of local craft breweries on their cities and economies, including the ability to draw in tourists, create manufacturing centers and jobs, and more
“The Fine Tuning of Fine Dining” – FES:
The continued emergence of a scaled-down fine-dining experience, and how fine-dining chains are working to set themselves apart from their competitors