January 13, 2017

Shea Links: January

At Shea, we pride ourselves on staying on top of what’s happening in design news. It helps us keep tabs on what’s fresh, inspiring, and happening in the world—and we make a few headlines of our own, too. Here are some recent articles delving into design, experience, and what’s buzzing in our community:

“Help Wanted: Someone to Soothe the Restaurant Line” – New York Times:
How fast-casual restaurants have created a new class of employee (with their own terminology) in order to connect better with customers

“Designing for Health: Enhancing Interior Design through Interdisciplinary Collaboration” – Contract magazine:
Using hospitality and retail interior design techniques in healthcare design

“2017 Office Design Trends Forecast” – Work Design magazine:
A look at what can be expected in 2017 workplace design, including focuses on authenticity and wellness

“8 Dining Trends that Will Define 2017” – Eater:
Bill Addison’s take on what 2017 will look like, restaurant-wise, including the re-emergence of French cuisine, Korean food’s firm foothold in America, and walls wrapped in greenery

“How the Concierge Endures in the Internet World” – New York Times:
A discussion of the concierge’s place in modern hotels—why they’re still relevant and valuable resources

“Retail Trends: Becoming More Human” – Design Retail magazine:
How bricks-and-mortar retail locations use human behavior (emotion, sensory immersion, connection) to drive design and business strategy

 “How Restaurants Offer Full Experiences in Seriously Tiny Spaces” – Eater:
How restaurants are built, designed, and function around their small spaces—an excellent companion to our Small Spaces, Big Impact piece

“Middle Eastern Cuisine Makes its Move” – QSR magazine:
A look at the recent rise in popularity of Middle Eastern cuisine, particularly in quick-service restaurants

“2016” – Shea:
A look back and recap of the best moments of 2016 as we traveled to experience, learn, and get inspired