April 7, 2017

Shea Links: April

At Shea, we pride ourselves on staying on top of what’s happening in design news. It helps us keep tabs on what’s fresh, inspiring, and happening in the world—and we make a few headlines of our own, too. Here are some recent articles delving into design, experience, and what’s buzzing in our community:

“Passion Projects: How Shea Translates a Life Journey into Design” – Shea:
A Shea blog post about couples who open dream restaurants, featuring Lovechild and IE

“Can Brunch Save Casual Dining?” – FSR:
How casual chains are using new brunch menus to try to draw a new generation of customers

“How Millennials’ Love for Customization is Changing Quick Service” – QSR:
From pizza to frozen yogurt, how millennial preferences are making DIY QSRs the most successful ones

“Form + Function: AV Systems Integration” – Restaurant Development + Design:
A discussion of how to include an AV system in a restaurant while still catering to its main audience and not destroying its vibe

“Architecture Enters the Age of Post-Digital Drawing” – Metropolis:
Looking at the return to more illustrative architectural drawing—a departure from the pseudo-realism of typical renderings

“Creating a Positive First Impression with Healthcare Lobbies” – Healthcare Design:
How creating a warm, well-designed lobby in a healthcare center improves guest experience

“Automation Invasion: High-Tech Restaurants & Bars Infiltrate Chicago” – Eater Chicago:
The scoop on the recent uptick in rotary sushi restaurants, mechanized bars, high-touch vending machines, and other tech innovations in Chicago’s restaurant scene

“Hershey Lodge Celebrates 50 Years with Shea-Designed Restaurant” – Shea:
A Restaurant Development + Design article featuring an interview with Shea principal Tanya Spaulding detailing our Fire & Grain project at Hershey Lodge

“Inspired Cuisine is Just the Beginning” – Commercial Architecture:
How food and design are tied in restaurants to capture the theater and authenticity of the cooking

“How to Operate in a Food Hall” – Restaurant Hospitality:
With food halls being so on-trend, a look at which outlets do best there, and what characteristics they must have to thrive

“Changing the Skyline: How Shea Takes Office Complexes from Drab to Attention-Grabbing” – Shea:
A piece looking at Shea’s transformations of 100 Washington and Normandale Lake Office Park