December 1, 2015

Shea hires Heather Sorensen as Director of Interiors

Minneapolis, MN—December 15—Shea, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of Heather Sorensen as Director of Interiors. Sorensen will handle day-to-day staff management in the Interiors department and act as a support resource for junior designers, taking charge of their professional growth and development.

Sorensen will partner with Design Director Cori Kuechenmeister to elevate design process and management, taking on a more behind-the scenes role while Kuechenmeister continues to work as a visionary and firm-wide design leader, setting the Shea standards. “Having Heather here is great, because it allows me to spend more time with clients and oversee the design direction of all of Shea’s projects,” says Kuechenmeister.

Sorensen comes to Shea from Minneapolis-based architecture and design firm the Cunningham Group, where she served as an interior designer. Prior to her time at Cunningham, Sorensen spent nine years at Shea as a senior interior designer and is thrilled to be back working with the Shea family, bringing her professionalism and personal touch to the company. “I’m excited to serve as a mentor to junior designers and really push Shea’s projects into the next level from a behind-the-scenes place,” says Sorensen.

“There are a number of reasons Heather is perfect for this role,” says Shea CFO Jason Dvorak. “She knows us, she knows what makes us tick and sets us apart from other design firms, locally and nationally, and will help continue to elevate management. We’re excited to have her on board to help our Interiors department excel.”

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