Pints & Paddle

The Partners

Tim & Tammy Skaja

The Spot

A unique pickleball & taproom complex in Maple Grove, MN

The Work

Create an environment where guests feel comfortable coming to play a game of pickleball, grab a beer or do both & design their logo, graphics, signage and brand to enhance the energy

The Scene

A one-of-a-kind destination, Pints & Paddles offers guests the opportunity to practice their serve on one of 10 indoor pickleball courts before heading into the taproom to practice their other serve from a selection of 78 available self-serve beer, wine and cocktail taps. The space also features an onsite restaurant, two levels of lounge and tabletop seating options and operable garage doors that open-up to connect to the large patio outside.


  • Playful Shea-designed logos, graphics, and brand elements
  • 10 indoor pickleball courts
  • 78 self-serve taps between the taproom & mezzanine
  • Two levels of seating with options to overlook the court
  • Operable garage doors that open to the partio

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