Butcher & the Boar

The Partners

Jester Concepts

The Spot

A beloved Minneapolis restaurant revived in the North Loop

The Work

Completely transform an office-building into a new, reimagined space for Butcher & the Boar and their new whiskey-bar concept, Char Bar.

The Scene

Butcher & the Boar buzzes with energy and a warm glow in an otherwise dark and moody space. The restaurant and bar are coated in caramel colors with deep browns and dark features and are layered with varied details and textures. Intimate plush-booths, soft banquettes and varied residential-style dining tables and chairs fill the dining areas. The eclectic seating and tables – made of a mix of wood, quartz and varied materials – invite groups both small and large to grab a drink or enjoy their dinner at a relaxed pace. Char Bar carries over the dark colors, wood textures, warmth, and mood from Butcher & the Boar but with special elements to complement its separate, whiskey focused menu. Unique details include custom Char Bar lighting, a luggage wall installation and charred flooring.


  • French Boar head mounted over the main bar
  • Leather book spines and card catalogs on the bar wall
  • Three private dining rooms with unique elements
  • Custom tiling under two booth sections
  • Luggage wall installation in the Char Bar

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