July 18, 2023

Macy’s The Social Kitchen & Libations is back in the spotlight on KARE 11

The new Macy’s Ridgedale restaurant, The Social Kitchen & Libations, is back in the spotlight with a KARE 11 feature on the restaurant’s nostalgia factor. In addition to highlighting the restaurant’s familiar menu and Popovers recipe from the Oak Grill, KARE 11 gave a special call out to the original downtown Minneapolis Dayton’s chandelier displayed with a modern twist, part of Shea’s design for the Ridgedale restaurant.

We’re proud to be longtime partners with Macy’s and their food-service team, having designed the original restaurant space from several years ago and again partnering to see it refreshed and reborn as The Social.

See the new space on KARE 11

The Social Kitchen & Libations was also recently featured in Nation’s Restaurant News with a history on how Macy’s food service got it’s start and how their continuing to build their food and beverage program today.

Read the article in Nation’s Restaurant News

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