Hotel Architecture

Shea is nationally renowned for its hotel architecture services, designing and building hospitality spaces of every size and scope. We’ve worked with national hoteliers such as Marriott, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Sofitel, and many more over the firm’s more than 40-year history designing hospitality spaces, as well as several boutique hotel brands. From a historic standalone hotel to a multi-unit national rollout, Shea extends concept and brand through the architecture of a space, with every touchpoint serving as a way to reach guests.

  • Shea uses multiple architectural points throughout hotel and hospitality design to reinforce brand and mission.

  • Our experienced architectural team has designed and built out brands and concepts including boutique properties, historic renovations, standalone hotels for national brands, and prototypes for multi-unit rollout.

  • We’re a design firm that works for you—figuring out how to best connect with guests via design and setting you up for business success.

We Build Hotels for Staying

Since its founding in 1978, Shea has built relationships with top hospitality firms around the country. Our qualified team of architects has designed and built out national prototypes, individual hotel locations for major chains, and worked with boutique hospitality brands to create guest rooms, common spaces, and hotel restaurants that appeal to today’s traveler and are destination spots in themselves for locals. We know how to create a space that’s an extension of a hospitality brand, welcoming guests and making all areas of a hotel places where they want to spend time.

Building Destination Spots

Shea creates total, all-encompassing experiences in every hospitality space that we design, bringing a brand to life through its physical space. Our design philosophy is to hit on every sense, every touchpoint, every feeling to give hotel guests a completely unique, welcoming experience. We design for you—to reflect your vision, your vibe, your passion—with the business knowledge and experience to back up every choice, and ability to help you through every step of the hotel architecture process.

Integrated Services


Interior Design

Design audits, strategic/concept design, space planning, selection of all materials, furniture, and fixtures, and 3D design development



Architectural documentation, construction administration and project management, carrying registration in over 40 states


Brand Development

Naming, positioning and concept/identity development for new brands. Brand audits, assessments, and refresh work for existing brands


Graphic Design

Logo design, full brand identity systems, signage and environmental graphics, concept presentations, and marketing materials



Signage production, fabrication, and installation. Procurement of feature elements from signage to custom fixtures and furniture



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We create experiences. Contact us to talk about your next hospitality architecture project.