2019 In Review

January 6, 2020

Was 2019 amazing because we chased the three biggest waterfalls on three continents?

Or because we climbed one of the world’s biggest sand dunes in Africa?  Or hiked Lion’s Head in Cape Town to better see Table Mountain?

Bicycled through the Dolomites in the snow?

Took our lives into our hands cycling the streets of Amsterdam? Or panted as we rode the hills of Corsica to earn our Patrimonio?

Walked the beaches of Uruguay, while drinking their Tannat?

Watched a hundred sunrises, followed by countless sunsets?

Maybe because we drank Dom Perignon in the homeland, after riding the same routes as the Tour de France?

Drank morning coffee with the giraffes at the watering hole, then watched elephants walk into the sunset?

It’s impossible to use our words to sum up what made another year so amazing. Thank you to this big, beautiful world, and the opportunity we have to put ourselves right in the middle of it. Breathe the air, get outside, look up, look around, and live your best life. And don’t forget the champagne whenever you feel like it.  #everydaychampagne

Cheers.Nine wouldn’t contain it.


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