What We Love: Twin Cities Eating and Drinking, Vol. 1

(The first in what will likely be a long series…)

Since eating out in the Twin Cities seems to be our full-time job (five lunches a week and six to seven dinners when we’re not traveling—no, I’m not exaggerating), it’s probably appropriate to create a list dedicated to some of our current and long-term favorites.

  1. The quiche at Rose Street Patisserie and Patisserie 46. If you think you’ve had quiche, but haven’t had John Kraus’, you have not had quiche.
  2. The Edwards Dessert Kitchen squash loaf. There are many great desserts on this menu (go with people and share), but take this $5 treasure home without question.
  3. The Sazarac. We’re probably personally responsible for honing the skills of every bartender in town on the Sazarac, but the one perfect one remains at Parlour Bar (thanks, Jesse Held).
  4. The large #1, as-is, from Black Sheep Pizza. Yes, the other pies sound sexier, but the true test of a good pizza place is always the basic cheese pizza (a chef told us that). This one is amazing.
  5. The Korean BBQ beef short-rib Bangkok Burrito at World Street Kitchen. It was—and is—a cult food-truck favorite for a reason. It’s highly addictive.
  6. At Brasa, order either the pulled chicken or the pork and a few masa corn cakes. Then proceed to make it a sandwich. My favorite is to add in black beans over the protein. Heaven.
  7. Centro’s Guava Goddess cocktail. The mezcal is smoky, slightly sweet, and perfectly balanced.
  8. The house buttermilk bread with lavender honey butter at Bardo. (Side note: It is all about the carbs here. The desserts at this joint are some of the best in a highly competitive town.)
  9. Meritage fries with bernaise sauce. There are a lot of good fries in town; these are singlehandedly the best.
  10. The empanadas at Martina. This hyper-busy restaurant doesn’t need any kudos, especially from us, but they deserve them.