Follow Us Through Africa, But Bring Your Own Wine

The Problem:

Dreaming of seeing Victoria Falls? Of desert hiking and taking game drives in Namibia? Have you ever wondered what Cape Town, South Africa, is like?

(I sound like a brochure. Cue my family, rolling their eyes at me and responding with smart-ass comments.)

Let’s just say you are spending this (endlessly) long winter wanderlusting, dreaming of traveling and seeing cool, far away (maybe too far away) places. Or you need a palette cleanser from leveling up on Candy Crush or finishing your taxes.



The Solution:

Come along with us this week as we begin our next big adventure.

This time around, we’re doing it a little differently. Instead of writing about places and experiences after the trip, I’m going to post highlights, pictures, and (probably tipsy) observations throughout the trip. Not revolutionary, but in our old age, it’s easier to keep track as we go along.


The Plan:

A few days in Cape Town, followed by a few days of mountain biking around Stellenbosch and Franschoek (the wine country area just 45 miles east of Cape Town, and one of my favorite places on earth). From there, a flight to Windhoek, Namibia, followed by 4-5 days of desert hiking and game drives, photographing the animals nicely posing for us.  Then one more hop to Zimbabwe to see the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. (It’s the Year of the Big Waterfall for us; we’re heading to see the Iguazu Falls in South America in the fall.)

We’re flying more than 10,000 miles to get there.  For the record, that’s approximately:

  • 2 different flights
  • 20 hours with our butts in an airplane seat
  • 6 glasses of wine that dehydrates us (this number is adjustable depending on how the flights go) and at least
  • 1 rewatch of Bohemian Rhapsody (we’ve already seen it nine times)



But we’ve been to South Africa before (last time was the starting point of a safari to see the Big Five between South Africa and Botswana), and it’s worth the hours and the bad airplane wine and snacks.

(Cue the eye roll.)


Here’s where to follow along:

Twitter/Instagram: @edaychampagne

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