What We Love: Latest Must-Have Products & Services, Vol. 3

Our favorites of the moment (in the continued spirit of the art of the top 10 list)….


1. The Death of Stalin. Singlehandedly the most hilariously clever movie I’ve seen in a long time. Available on iTunes, Amazon, and all the usual places.

2. Clear. If you travel more than three times a year, it’s worth it. No ID, just fingerprints, and you waltz in front of all the TSA Pre-Check has-beens.

3. Malfatti glasses. Some of the coolest shapes and styles, and they make great gifts.

4. Surly small glasses.

5. Loll furniture (above). Less current, but after another summer of these bad boys being bombproof, I can’t recommend them enough for the best outdoor furniture.

6. Bar Cart. Okay, so it’s a little trendy. And you have to keep your bourbon out of direct sunlight. But I have to admit, I smile every time I walk into our loft and see our bar cart (although maybe I’m smiling because it’s always fully stocked). Ours is from Restoration Hardware, and inspired by the 1950s.

7. Aesop Resurrection hand wash. Ridiculously expensive considering that it’s, you know, soap, but great for houseguests. Imagine a restaurant spending this much for hand soap in their restrooms (looking at you, Legacy Records).

8. Isopure Protein Drink. The best way to get more protein, without the carbs. Available on Amazon (in smaller, plastic bottles), too.

9. Arcteryx Zeta LT jacket. Hands-down the best rain jacket for men and women.

10. Nike Air VaporMax FlyKnit. I get more compliments on these than on my stupid-expensive dress shoes. The greatest slip-on shoe to travel with for walking, hiking, etc.