What We Love: Latest Must-Have Products & Services, Vol. 2

The Art of the Top 10 (List 2)

Top 10 Current Obsessions

Second in our ongoing series of current obsessions.  This time around, we’re staying right in our sweet spot:  Spending (probably too much) $$$ on food, booze and travel.


  1. Cookies at Chip (Gansevoort Market, NYC) for those who believe cookies are a food group (don’t tell me they’re not).
  2. Langustine crudo at Bar La Grassa, the unsung hero on the pasta-and-bruschetta-heavy menu.

Drink (and the vehicles to get it in you):

  1. Gruet sparkling wine. Yes, it’s from New Mexico.  Yes, it’s fantastic. And yes, it’s pretty cheap. Don’t you trust us by now when it comes to this?
  2. Glencairn Whisky Glasses. A classic, and a must for any respectable barware collection.
  3. Norlan glasses, for the best “gifting” glass (everyone will want to be your friend) or for the bourbon drinker who needs ice (in which case, we maybe can’t be your friend).
  4. Amaro is best after-dinner drink. Ever. The two best (and we’ve, of course, tried them all) are Amaro Nonino and Montenegro. Drink it neat; it works well in the Glencairn glasses.
  5. Le Creuset wine key. Not all wine keys are equal.  If you open as much wine as we do, you need one (or two) of these.

Travel Must-Haves for Chics:

  1. For the best women’s travel pants, it’s a toss-up—one favorite is Avenue Montaigne. You can take a 10-hour flight and then go straight into a meeting or show up at a great looking fresh (with the obvious exception of the linen option).  Available in multiple colors and styles in Mpls at D.Nolo
  2. The second favorite is Anatomie. Literally designed for travel (but not the kind of pants that look like they’re designed for travel), these can also convert to great hiking or walking-around pants.  They don’t wrinkle, and it’s easy to pack multiples in your carryon.

Never Leave Home Without:

  1. Shout Wipes. I have a lifetime supply in every bag. Perfect when you spill on yourself; they even make red wine disappear (usually when David spills it on his one white shirt). On a similar note, I must endorse Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus. Spray it on your clothes (for me, this is often while I’m still dressed in them) and smooth it all down—wrinkles gone.  It’s so good I threw away my iron (which, granted, hadn’t been touched in 10 years).

Yes, that’s technically 11 things. We don’t do rules.