What We Love: Latest Must-Have Products & Services, Vol. 1

The Art of the Top 10 (List 1)

Top 10 lists are impossible for us.  We have every intention, and have even tried, to boil down our favorite things, places, hotels—it’s impossible. But a series of Top 10 lists?  That we can attempt.

Top 10 Current Obsessions

We are the ultimate consumers. We consider it our unofficial (or official, depending whether we can figure out how to write it off as a business expense) duty to reward good merchandising, interesting products, and clever marketing. 

That means we buy a lot of things…. both online and in stores all over the world. And we try a lot of things, both good and bad. That’s led to lots and lots of stuff that falls into categories like “Love it, can’t live without it,” to “Love it, have absolutely no need for it,” all the way down to “Why the hell would I buy this, and who can I offload it to, since I already threw away the packaging?”

So we introduce the first in an ongoing series of current obsessions that include products, restaurant dishes, drinks, songs, and basically anything worth sharing at the time. 

List #1:

  1. Matador waterproof bags, totes, and backpacks.  This is a bag-within-a-bag, perfect for sticking in your suitcase for traveling.
  2. Rastal Teku Beer Glasses. Great for beer drinkers at home, at the cabin, or for a gift.
  3. 3M Ultrathon. The single best and most effective bug stuff on the planet. In both lotion (perfect coverage if you live in mosquito-infested MN) or spray.
  4. Weezer’s cover of Toto’s “Africa.” Those of us past a certain age (ahem) remember this song from 1982.  This cover allows for nostalgia from summer’s past, while introducing it to a new generation. Download from Apple Music (and please stop using Pandora…you know who you are).
  5. Tablet Hotels. It’s our go-to website for finding unique boutique hotels around the world that are (mostly) vetted.
  6. Kudu Grills.  The ultimate summer boy toy.
  7. Killing EveI don’t watch TV, ever.  But I devoured this show, one episode after another, on my iPad on an airplane.
  8. The Sparkling Negroni. I had the first as a specialty bottled cocktail at Saxon & Parole in NYC, then Isaac Ramon (currently at Grand Catch in St. Paul, MN) perfected it.  Exactly as it sounds, a negroni with sparkling wine, and you won’t find it on a cocktail list. (Note:  Christine at Bardo has it down, too.)
  9. Sweaty Betty’s “No Pain, No Champagne” sweatshirt. It’s like it was custom made for me, but makes a great gift for any fiend (workout or otherwise) in your life.
  10. Thrive Causemetics mascara.  It’s a chic thing, but it is the best.  And I’ve tried literally every one out there (second place is YSL’s Babydoll).